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Bespoke Lifts

ESP have a wide range of bespoke lift applications. From the largest passenger lift in the world to a conveyor transfer lift system for a production facility. We specialise in the weird and wonderful and can generate a solution to most application requirements our clients come up with.

Dubai Expo 2020 Passenger Lift

The Dubai Expo 2020 which actually opened in September 2021 due to the Covid pandemic received over 24M visitors from around the world. The theme of the Dubai Expo was "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". The Expo also had three subthemes: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, each with its own impressive pavilion.
At the center of the Mobility Pavilion the client required a special lift to allow people to enter the impressive exhibition.

ESP Ltd was engaged to provide a 168 person free standing passenger lift (12 Tonnes SWL) which was required to be 10M diameter and have a total travel of 12.6M making this the largest free-standing passenger lift in the world. This one of a kind record breaking lift was designed and manufactured completely in the UK utilising our Solidworks 3D design expertise. The structure and complete control system developed entirely by ESP Ltd was assembled, tested and demonstrated to the client prior to shipping to Dubai.
One of the main requirements of the project was that the lift was to have no ceiling structure such that the people riding could experience a sound and light show as the lift ascended into the Top of the Mobility Pavilion. Achieving this meant that all the machinery driving the lift needed to be      underneath the platform to provide an unbroken view as the lift ascended and descended all of which was achieved & ESP were also able to achieve minimum noise and vibration levels, thus ensuring a level of ride comfort in the finished product.

dubai expo 2020 building

Entry and exit to the lift were also factors to consider in the design along with the need to vary the speed in both up and down directions to fit the client's rigorous requirements and to interface seamlessly with the sound and light show.
Lastly the Main Control System for not only operating the lift drives and position but also  interfacing with the various doors, fire alarms, light and sound systems etc. needed to be bespoke.
The final control system provided State of the Art digital and dynamic graphic user interfaces for the operators allowing various scenes and functions to be easily selected and controlled from within the lift platform itself.  The control system could also provide a high level of information and alarms to the user/operator creating a flexible experience for both operator and visitors.

02 Arena Portable Audience Seating Lift

The 02 Arena hold events throughout the year, some of which require enclosed seating around the full 360° space for events including ATP world tennis tournaments, NBA global games, boxing, the world cup of gymnastics and UFC championship fights, that all utilise the centre of the arena.

The 02 Arena required portable seating units for these events for ease of installation and speed when changing between performances. Prior to this, seating was erected manually taking an inordinate amount of time to erect and remove, prolonging the period of time between events.

To overcome this issue ESP and SERAPID designed and manufactured 7 seating units with on-board lifting systems which can be both manually moved into position and erected quickly. These units have seating modules mounted to them and fit into a shaped end around the stage end of the arena and once in position can be lifted using a state of the art control system utilising SERAPID Linklifts.

When ready to lift, our portable control system is wheeled into place, plugged into ports on the seating unit and using a pendant the stands can be raised up to the height of the pre-existing audience seating. The centre unit is able to be raised even further to allow other seating modules and equipment to pass underneath via the main entrance.

The control system is portable and has an HMI for alarm diagnostics and operator guidance. All of the seating units were fully assembled externally prior to installation such that minimal disruption during site construction was achieved.

02 arena seating lifts
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