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Theatre Lifts

ESP have experience in theatre and stage lift systems with a wide range of capability. These systems can be integrated into theatre control systems or be used as part of performance sequences.

IMAX Science Museum Lift

Contained within the Science Museum London in South Kensington is an IMAX film theatre at the forefront of cinematic technology.

To enable the science museum to utilise this space for live performances a versatile stage was required which would need to be hidden during film shows and raised into position during the live performances and presentations.

ESP Ltd worked with Serapid to design a 11.5 x 6 metre stage lift with electrically interlocked removable hand-railing.

The stage is able to be raised from a base height of 530mm To a height of 2.6m to bring it level with The pre-existing auditorium seating level.

Safety interlock's prevent removal of the hand rails or entry to the auditorium during operation. The project was undertaken during one of the most busy periods for the science museum during the summer Olympics of 2012.

The installation of the stage has increased the auditorium's usability and versatility since being commissioned.

"This is by far the most technologically advanced piece of equipment within the science museum." - The Project Team

IMAX Science Museum Lift
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