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Lift Regeneration

ESP can offer goods lifts to suit your specific application requirements. We specialise in high load carrying systems capable of lifting loads varying from 5,000kgs up to 120,000kgs. These systems can be retro-fitted into existing buildings from new or complete the modernisation of an existing lift system.

IBC Vauxhall Luton Goods Lift

Engineering Systems & Projects Ltd offer bespoke goods lift systems ideal for many applications, whether it’s for moving precious art or stillages of steelwork from 1 to 110 Tonne lifting capacities. ESP Ltd have the capability to offer a turnkey solution.


An example of this is the 10 Tonne goods lifts at Vauxhall Luton which replaced the existing hydraulic lift which had become unreliable. ESP Ltd designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned the two new lift systems as a turnkey project.

To maintain the requirements of production the lifts were replaced individually. ESP managed to strip-out, install and commission each lift over a six week shutdown. The reduced timescale meant that there was a significantly reduced impact on the site and production targets were maintained throughout the project.


Both lifts were fitted with fully regenerative drive systems for energy efficiency, calibrated load cells for overload protection and local operator screens for error diagnosis and system status. Both systems were designed with SERAPID link lift rigid lifting columns which have mechanically synchronised drive trains each with two motors and a pair of independent brakes.


Since the regeneration of the two goods lifts their reliability has been commended by the plant manager and operators on the site.

link lift motor
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