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Goods Lifts

ESP can offer goods lifts to suit your specific application requirements. We specialise in high load carrying systems capable of lifting loads varying from 5,000kgs up to 120,000kgs. These systems can be retro-fitted into existing buildings from new or complete the modernisation of an existing lift system.

Royal Academy of Arts London -
Art Handling Lift

As part of a £50 million expansion and renovation of the Royal Academy of arts in Piccadilly, London a new art handling lift was required to take incoming art and exhibitions from the basement access level directly into the magnificent Central Exhibition Gallery.

The lift is  2.3m x 4m and has a lifting capacity of 10,000 kg, as part of this project ESP and Serapid had to devise a system which allows a lift to raise through a hole in the floor of the main gallery 5m above.

Automatic hatches and barriers were designed to encompass the specialist floor finishes of the main gallery and to provide the opening for the lift to travel through. The state-of-the-art control system first raises motorised barriers, then opens the hatches and therefore the floor of the main gallery. Once fully open the art handlers can raise the art lift from the basement level to the gallery level.

The cage of the lift has access doors which are safety rated and electrically interlocked. These doors need to be closed and locks engaged for the lift to operate.

ESP worked closely and tirelessly with both the Royal academy team and the main contractors SISK to install this lift with very limited access.

RAA Arts Lift
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