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ESP design, manufacture and install bespoke machine lifting solutions for the movement of loads vertically and horizontally. Solutions range from individual component lifts to entire turnkey systems. All of which encompass a variety of applications such as:

Queens College DDA Lift

Platform Lifts

ESP can offer platform lifts in a variety of forms, whether it be bespoke passenger lifts or disabled access lifts. These systems typically confirm to EN81 and the machinery directive. Our innovative solutions in this sector mean we can offer solutions for reduced pit height and machine-room-less design mean incorporating these systems into existing buildings is simple.

Goods Lifts

ESP can offer goods lifts to suit your specific application requirements. We specialise in high load carrying systems capable of lifting loads varying from 5,000kgs up to 120,000kgs. These systems can be retro-fitted into existing buildings from new or complete the modernisation of an existing lift system.

Vauxhall Goods Lift
IMAX Science Museum Lift

Theatre Lifts

ESP have experience in theatre and stage lift systems with a wide range of capability. These systems can be integrated into theatre control systems or be used as part of performance sequences.

Bespoke Lifts

ESP have a wide range of bespoke lift applications. From the largest passenger lift in the world to a conveyor transfer lift system for a production facility. We specialise in the weird and wonderful and can generate a solution to most application requirements our clients come up with.

RAA Arts Lift
Amore Pacific HGV Lift

HGV Lifts

ESP specialise in the movement of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and can offer a wide range of machinery directive systems to suit a variance of applications. Our certified HGV lift systems are industry leading and are designed to be robust to suit both commercial and industrial applications.

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