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HGV Lifts

ESP specialise in the movement of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and can offer a wide range of machinery directive systems to suit a variety of applications. Our certified HGV lift systems are industry leading and are designed to be robust to suit both commercial and industrial applications.

The Factory Manchester HGV Lift

The Factory Manchester is a new state of the art entertainment complex designed and built with total flexibility in mind. The Factory will host one of Europes most ambitious and adventurous year-round creative entertainment programs ever. The Factory is also the home to The Manchester International Festival (MIF).

To allow the huge auditorium to be accessed and for staging and creative equipment to be moved into the venue, MIF and the designers decided that 2No. 40T capacity truck lifts were required. These lifts enable goods and equipment to be driven from the roadway      beneath the venue directly up into the rear of the auditorium.

The lifts are over 18M long and 3.8M wide and can accommodate a fully loaded lorry. They have specially designed access systems and doors on ground floor level. The Lifts both travel approximately 7M and have the ability to “Dock Level” at the second floor.

Exit and entry at the second floor level is via specially designed and constructed rising barriers which whilst providing unimpeded travel by the lorry also allow the trucks and       lorries to be driven directly into the auditorium space.

This project was completely designed and installed by ESP at their design and               manufacturing facilities in Suffolk. The entire structure being approved to BSEN1090.

The lift systems themselves comply to both machinery directive and exceed lift standards in many areas which include dual redundant Safety Systems allowing man-riding.

The truck lifts are controlled by a bespoke control system designed and fully developed by ESP. This control system not only encompasses specialist energy saving VSD’s which generate electricity when the truck lifts are moving down but also allows the following    controls:-

• Password Protection
• Traffic Light Control
• Dock-Levelling
• Truck Reversing Controls
• SIL Rated Light Guards
• Truck Positional Control Sensors
• Truck Over Height Detection and Control Etc.

Amore Pacific
HGV Lift

AMORE PACIFIC has built a new head quarters in Seoul, South Korea. The artistically and architecturally innovative building not only houses Amore's business HQ, but also has several art exhibition halls below ground.


As part of this new building Amore Pacific had the requirement for an art truck lift which would enable full trucks of art to be transported from ground level to basement levels -1 and -2 below ground.

ESP Ltd, alongside SERAPID UK and France, developed a fully functional lift system which was designed to not only lift the trucks weighing up to 40 Tonnes, but also lifted the ground level roadway, to allow truck access and to hide the lift when not in use.


The maximum lifting load was 120 Tonnes.
At each basement level the truck was able to be offloaded at both ends of the lift and at the side via special side opening doors.

The lift system uses weight controls to prevent overload of the lift and intercommunication systems between all floors.

amore pacific hgv lift
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